The Sundowner Canvas Team


I was born in California and moved with my parents to Alaska where I grew up.  I have had a great deal of outdoors experience both on and off the water.  I spent a lot of time handling small powerboats as well as canoes and kayaks.  I learned to sail in Alaska on a MacGregor 22, making the most of the 3 month sailing season.  I moved to Texas to get a more extended sailing season.  Julie and I lived in Ennis where we had a Catalina 22 that we sailed weekends on Bardwell lake.  We moved to Kemah when we bought our Tayana 37. Julie and I moved aboard and started the long process of fixing up our beloved boat.  Because of our experiences in remodeling our boat, we’re quite aware of just how far a boat buck stretches.  When we arrived in Kemah, I was fortunate to find a job making sails at a local loft.  I spent 7 years making sails and eventually became the salesman.  When we left there we decided to start our own business.   We're now into our 5th year.  Thanks to the support we've had from our customers and other companies, we're doing very well.


I was born in Connecticut and learned to sail at a Yale summer program on a small 420 sailboat.  I have many fond memories of summers sailing with my parents on a Columbia 28 on Long Island Sound as a child.  I developed a love of sewing at the age of 9, when I started sewing my own clothes.  I have always loved the water and lived near it most of my life.  Presently I live aboard a Hunter 340 sailboat with my husband.  Since the boat was in need of new canvas, I decided to teach myself how to make boat canvas.  I started a small business of my own making canvas, but decided to go to work at a local canvas shop to gain a better understanding of how canvas goes together.  That’s where I met Julie and Frank.


Born in Perth, Western Australia, I moved to the US in the early 90’s.  I developed a love of sewing at an early age, learning from my mum.  I have had a wide variety of experience sewing clothes from children’s wear to wedding dresses.  I owned my own business in Alaska making custom scrubs for nurses.  I moved back to Texas where my involvement with boating started.  I presently live with Frank on our Tayana 37.  I worked at a local canvas shop from 2006 to 2013 where I developed a training manual and eventually became the floor supervisor.  During my time there I made all different types of boat canvas from small to large.  My goal at Sundowner Canvas is for all of our projects to not only be durable, but pleasing to the eye.  We've now been in business for the past 4+ years.


I grew up spending a lot of time on the water, but didn't learn to sail until I moved to Texas.  I spent twelve years as a member of the Seabrook Sailing Club where I learned a lot from good friends there, mainly on windsurfers and as crew on a 470.  I spent 2 years bumping around the U.S. southern coast on a Pearson 30, including a 400 mile trip up the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.  I am now currently crewing on a Freedom 21 in the Wednesday night races on Clear Lake.  I've always loved to sew and really enjoy making canvas things for boats.  I have  10 years experience working with canvas at a couple other canvas shops in the area.