5/2/18 - We arrived early last night.  What a great job you all have done!  We are very happy.  Quality work.  Thanks to you and all at your shop for getting it done early.  Would be happy to be a reference.  RL - Morgan 45

3/28/18 - Thank you for the excellent job you and your team did on my dinghy.  It fits perfectly and i just love it.  The extra tie down tabs and the side tightening is awesome. DB - Dinghy

1/28/18 - The companionway cover is awesome, it made a big difference. KT - Irwin 36

11/17/17 - Awesome!  Thank you so much for the great work! MR - Cruisers 387

10/29/17 - Our travels have been fun.  Have a short term lease near Coco Beach, Florida.  We've logged over 200 miles of adventure.  Wanted to let you know the enclosures have been wonderful.  Have needed them often and appreciate the fine workmanship.  During Hurricane Irma, we holed up in the Ortega River.  The removal and reinstallation of the bridge and aft enclosures went better than we anticipated. AD - President 43

10/28/17 - Wow!!!! Awesome.  It looks great !!!! Thanks to everyone! MB - Viking 65

10/19/17 - The pictures do not do them justice.  They are much more awesome looking on the boat.  Thank you. KT - Islander Freeport 38

10/12/17 - Good Job! Well Done. AD - Carver 53

10/04/17 - We really like the bimini!  Thanks again. TL - Four Winns Marquise 160

10/02/17 - Visited the boat this weekend.  It (bimini/windshield) looks great.  We really appreciate the level of detail you put into the work. RK - Hunter 40.5

10/01/17 - Bimini is Great! CP - Beneteau 1st 375

09/24/17 - The Biminis look great!  Thank you so much.  We have a couple more jobs we'd like to add. MR - Cruisers 3870

8/4/17 - Just wanted to say thanks for the hatch covers you made for "Oyster".  They look great, and lile all your work, are very well made. RB

7/25/17 - We knew your work would be very good - yet we are very excited with the wonderful glass and vinyl wor - specific to every detail.  Wonderful!!  Thanks so much. JW

6/22/17 - (5 star rating on Google) My husband and I wish we could add more stars.  the crew - Frank, Julie, Adelyn, and Tammy are exceptionally talented and creative.  We asked for tire covers for our motorhome and we are soooooo happy with the outcome.  The uniqueness and fit are exactly what we wanted.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! - BC

3/11/17 - Wanted to let you know how nice the canvas works looks. Really quality work your whole team should be proud of. MP - Cape Dory 36

2/8/17 - Great company. Awesome people to work with on any project. I refer them for all my customers for topside canvas. I have seen many of the boats they have done and the work is primo.  Customers always come back to tell me how happy they are. DG

2/7/17 - Looks great.  You guys are top notch. DF - Pearson 35

1/28/17 - Hey you guys! OMG, we are SO happy with the work that you did!!!  Thank you SOOOO much! DL - Searay 380

1/20/17 - Sundowner came out to our vessel, field measured and created a custom bimini.  They delivered on time, no deviation from the original quoted price.  Extremely happy with the quality of the finished product.  Will be returning to these folks for more work to match. SB - Irwin 30

1/6/17 - You're my hero! tytyty  JB - Irwin 30

10/17/16 - The job is absolutely beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better performance. RL - Grand Banks 42

10/16/16 - I am very pleased wit the sail cover you made.  Thanks very much. LD - Hunter 46

9/7/16 - What a wonderful arrival we had.  Thanks so much for a "new" boat.  She looks like a million.  Love everything about the work you all did for us.  Cannot say enough good things about your great service, professionalism and superb craftsmanship.  Every detail done to perfection.  Feel free to use photos of our boat.  We will be recommending you to all who ask.  AD - President 43

8/5/16 - What a wonderful surprise to see a matching hatch cover being installed.  Thanks ever so much.  Cannot think of enough adjectives to describe the fine craftsmanship.  Every detail is perfect.  Thanks to you both and your seamstresses. AD - President 43

8/2/16 - Such a great surprise to see the bimini installed and the other progress made while we were away.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  Fine work that makes such a notable differnece.  Thanks for the great progress to date. ADD - President 43

6/27/16 - Installed the mainsail cover and bimini this weekend and it looks great.  Really like the zips on the bimini, that was a nice feature.  Thanks for the excellent work.  I will gladly refer you and your team to anyone I can. VA - Catalina 25 

6/27/16 - We absolutely love our Dodger and Bimini!  The mesh has been great too!  It really helps reduce the heat. DM - Beneteau 381

6/18/16 - The lifesling cover was a masterpiece! NB - Tayana 42

5/24/16 - We're headed down the ship channel and just wanted to tell you the dodger is great!! TW - Hinckley 40

5/21/16 - We are very appreciative.  Happy and satisfied customers are the best advertising for a small business.  On botth issues you score very high.  Thanks again for your great after sale service. KC - Pilgrim 40

5/21/16 - Thanks so much for your excellent service.  The work is just what we wanted.  I need to pay for the flagpole and hatch covers and I want to order 2 more flagpole covers for my other boat. JE

5/15/16 - I just got to the boat and your work was awesome.  Thanks for being my new canvas guy. EL - Kalik 44

3/21/16 - Beautiful work, excellent customer service. Worth waiting a little extra time.  Could not be more happy.  "Simplicity" looks great. DM - Beneteau 381

3/11/16 - Thank you so very much.  The canvas fits like a glove.  GW - Carver 33

3/8/16 - Thank you very much.  Will be happy to recommend your company to any new customers.  Just let me know. KB - Cruisers Yachts 46

2/25/16 - Thanks for a job well done.  Great working with you and look forward to keeping in contact.  You have my full support for canvas work and recommendation to everyone who asks.  Sincere regards.  BD - Catalina 350

9/15 - I really appreciate the repair work on the fighting chair cover.  You can certainly use me for a reference. GC - Hatteras

9/15 - Looking great.  Love the workmanship, design, and zippers on the sunshade. KL - Gemini 105MC

9/15 - We love what you did with the  canvas.  The outside handrail on the windshield section works great for getting out on deck.  Going without the straps is great.  BL - Hunter 336

9/15 - The covers look great.  Thanks for squeezing us in.  Your work is fantastic.  TA - Jeanneau 40

8/4/15 - Sundowner did a great job on our enclosure.  We were having a lot of water coming in from the lines.  They built a custom enclosure and eliminated our problem.  Today we get our dinghy chaps.  Good work. Good people.  JLE - Morgan 44

7/15 - We can't make it to the boat this weekend, so will get to see (dinghy cover) next week.  Have already had people texting me asking for your number to make one for them.  JP - Cruisers Yacht 415

7/15 - We visited the boat this afternoon and are extremely satisfied with the work.  I told my neighbor how satisfied I was with your work and that it is worth waiting for his project. AW

Many thanks for getting my canvas fixed!  Great job shipmates!! BP - Carver 33SS

5/15 - I am very appreciative of all the detail that went in to the beautiful boat bags you created.  They are terrific!  Thank you so much. BL

1/25/15 - Did the impossible and did it fast.  Not much can be saild beyond that can there? RM - Morgan 383

1/15 - Hello, my name is GSM and I turned 6 weeks old this weekend.  This weekend I was able to go sailing on daddy's boat for the first time thanks to all of you.  It was very cold and if not for all your fine work on that dodger, there is no way I would of lasted long on deck, "much less daddy letting me drive".  Just wanted to say thank you for doing the impossible.  GSM - Morgan 38

9/14 - Everything fit like a glove, GB - Searay 21

3/14 - Thank you for your expertise. JD

12/13 - Thanks to Sundowner Canvas, Julie, Tammy and Frank for doing a great job on my bimini and enclosure.  If anyone is looking for great canvas work with folks who do what they say they will do, I highly recommend this group.  DM - Mainship 40

Thanks for a great job on our boat.  I have bragged on you to everyone at LYC.  LS - Carver

We opened our doors on 09/16/2013